Adventures in Audio
Monet Izabeth

Is TikTok Motivating People to Get Outdoors?

Something surprising is happening on the video app best known for silly dance moves: users are finding inspiration for adventure


Cheryl Strayed’s ‘Wild’ Decade

In the ten years since she published her memoir about hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, her life has changed dramatically—and so has the trail itself

The whole race takes place on a single city block.

The World’s Toughest Endurance Race Might Be Around a City Block in Queens

What motivates someone to run more than 3,000 miles around a block in Queens, New York? Transcendence.

Joey Santore examines an Asclepias prostrata flower.

How a Vigilante Botanist Became a Cult Icon

Joey Santore is a tattooed ex-punk who is self-taught in the sciences. Which might explain why he’s getting so many people to care about plants.

Drew Petersen

A Professional Athlete’s Battle with Mental Illness

Drew Petersen seemed like just another free-spirited mountain dude. But the pain he was hiding nearly destroyed him.

Nature heartbreak illustration

Can Nature Heal Heartbreak?

Science shows that spending time outdoors can help with all kinds of serious ailments. So why not a broken heart?

Markus Eder skiing a dream ice cave in Zermatt, Switzerland on April 28, 2021.

When Athletes Dare to Dream Like Artists

Professional skier Markus Eder had a fantasy of an impossible descent. Then he got creative.

Alex (right) and Max (left, age 3) in December 1991 in Zion National Park, Utah.

A Father’s Death in the Mountains—and What Came After

Filmmaker Max Lowe on what it’s been like to tell his family’s story in his new documentary, Torn, and what he hopes we can all learn from it

Mikaela Shiffrin celebrates on the podium during the medal ceremony after competing in the first and second run of the Women's Slalom on February 20, 2021 at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships

Olympics Special: The Doubts that Power Mikaela Shiffrin

The most dominant ski racer on the planet is constantly questioning her talents—which may be the secret of her greatness

avalanche comes from a big mountain

What Surviving an Avalanche Can Teach You About Risk

Over two decades of ambitious adventures, elite skier and climber Zahan Billimoria has had some very close calls in the mountains

A surfer at Sunset Beach, north shore, Oahu, Hawaii.

To Save a Life on the North Shore

What it feels like to rescue a surfer from the massive winter waves that crash into the Hawaiian island

Smiley face drawn over condensated glass

A Man, a Plan, a Steam Room

He needed something—anything—to cure his winter COVID blues. Science led him to a mildewy steam room and a very cold shower.

Two Women Dressed In Ski Wear

Who Killed the Ski Bum?

You can blame the usual suspects: the crazy cost of mountain-town housing, the corporatization of the ski industry, the Man. Or dare to believe that our hero lives on.

Pattie Gonia poses with a pride flag

Forces of Good: So a Drag Queen Walks into a Mountain Town…

What makes a queer person choose to live in an outdoorsy hot spot instead of an urban gayborhood?

Jeff Ament at a skatepark with kids

Forces of Good: Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament Is on a Mission to Build Havens for Young Skateboarders

America’s youth are in desperate need of real-life human connection. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame bassist says there’s no better place to provide that than a skate park.


Forces of Good: Hiking 48,000 Miles to Create Community

Lo Phong La Kiatoukaysy, a.k.a. Lil’ Buddha, started thru-hiking America’s trails after 9/11. He hasn’t stopped yet.

Lawlor Coe

Forces of Good: Running in the Name of Love

After Lawlor Coe lost his brother Hunter to tragedy, he did everything he could to avoid his pain. Then he began to run.


Forces of Good: Teaching the Psychology of Survival

When someone gets hurt in the wild, we know what to do. But what we’ve lacked for way too long are the tools to help people in severe mental distress.

Mike McCastle

Forces of Good: A Herculean Quest to Make a Difference

Mike McCastle has found a very unusual way to benefit others: by enduring agonizing physical challenges

Matt DeLaney

Forces of Good: The Gearhead Librarian Who Revived a Town

Millinocket, Maine, had been struggling for years following the closure of the local paper mill. Then an enterprising librarian acted on a big idea.